Installing the Script


Embedding the BugHerd script directly into your site is the recommended way of using BugHerd. Although browser extensions are an easy way to get started, any members or guests on your project would need to install them too. But with the script embedded in your site, extensions are no longer required - BugHerd is always there ready to use once a user is invited.

Step 1: Copy your Project's embed code

Obtain the code from the "⚙️ Project Settings" menu, by selecting "install bugherd":


The required JavaScript code can be copied from the "Install BugHerd" dialogue:



Step 2: Paste the code into "head" of your website

Next, paste the code into the "head" tag of your website as shown in the image below.


And that's it! Simple. 😀

A few other things to keep in mind

The BugHerd widget can pretty much be placed anywhere within your HTML. There are few simple things to keep in mind, however.

  1. To get the best performance out of BugHerd, we recommend placing the embed script in your HEAD tags.

  2. Make sure you put the script in a Master page or your application-wide layout to ensure the widget is available on all your pages.

  3. You need to be logged into BugHerd (the website) in the same browser you use BugHerd (the widget).

  4. If you have any problems, please contact us at and we'll help you through the setup.

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