Why is the BugHerd browser extension taking a long time to load?


Sometimes when you load a webpage it might seem like the BugHerd browser extension is taking a long time to load and there's a pretty simple explanation as to why this happens.

Our browser extension waits until your webpage is fully loaded before it can inject the Sidebar into the page. To be exact, it waits for the `webnavigation.onCompleted` event to be fired by Chrome. So if you're experiencing this issue with your site, it's most likely because there are some scripts/assets that are delaying your site from completely loading.

To diagnose the problem, try running the Google PageSpeed Insights tool on your site. This can help you to identify what areas of your site may be delaying the completion of your page load.

Of course, if you're having trouble diagnosing the problem, feel free to contact support@bugherd.com.

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