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To setup a commit hook from GitHub, please refer to this article.



BugHerd's integration with GitHub will create GitHub issues for each bug in a nominated repository and keep them in sync. (Note it's not yet possible to have changes made in GitHub issues synchronise back)

How it works

Once you have nominated a remote GitHub repository for a BugHerd project, this information is sent to GitHub:

  • Bug description, as the issue title
  • Bug status (any non-closed BugHerd status will be Open in GitHub)
  • Any comments made on the bug in BugHerd are added to the issue as comments


To add a GitHub integration to your account, select integrations at the top of the BugHerd project management pages. On the Integrations page, find GitHub and select add integration.
Please wait for BugHerd to verify your credentials and click save to add the integration to your account.
Now that your GitHub integration has been created, you can start connecting BugHerd projects you own to your GitHub projects. Please create a BugHerd project if you do not own any projects yet. To start connecting projects, click on the projects link on the GitHub integration:
Congratulations, setup is complete! Any change you make in your BugHerd project will now be reflected in your nominated GitHub repo!
If you experience any issues, help is only a quick message away, please open a support ticket and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
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    Hi guys, I have to say I absolutely love BugHerd! It has really helped a lot with getting our new website into shape quickly.  We use BugHerd with Pivotal Tracker and GitHub, and it's really seamless. So thank you.  However, we are now starting development on our web app, so we started an Organization on GitHub, and it seems that BugHerd will not work with repos in Orgs!? Is this correct? The Orgs API is super simple, maybe I'm missing something. I would imagine that it's common for people who are looking to integrate multiple systems together to use Orgs in GitHub, so hopefully I'm either missing something or this is on the way...  

    Looking forward to a response so we can figure out what we need to do for bug tracking, since both integration and Orgs are a must-have.



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    Vincent Brendel

    From today, BugHerd supports GitHub Organizations!

    When you enter your credentials, your list of repositories will now include repos from organizations you are part of.

    For those that wish to reconnect a BugHerd project to a repo under an Organization, please edit the existing BugHerd integration and re-enter your GitHub credentials to refresh the project list, and select the desired repo.

    Thanks to Jon for suggesting this feature!

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    That is awesome, thank you for responding so quickly!!! I am really impressed. Might be worth a mention in your announcements...

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    Ilya katz

    Indeed, great feature. I'm looking into Bugherd for my company and so far I'm very impressed, Great job! One question, about github integration. Suppose I have the following

    • person A submits an issue#1 from bugherd widget
    • issue#1 gets logged to bugherd and shows up in githubs as issue#34
    • developer marks issue#34 as solved in github

    • issue#1 doesnt seem to get marked as solved, is that expected or am i doing something wrong?


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    Vincent Brendel

    Hi Ilya,

    This is the current behaviour; we currently do not pick up changes made in the GitHub Issues. This is something that we may improve in the future but this is made difficult by GitHub not having a web hook or similar mechanism for us to pick up on those changes. We are aware that not picking up changes from GitHub is limiting to our users.

    Stay tuned for some upcoming changes to the GitHub integration. We are currently working on separating the issue synchronization from the commit hook functionality as some users don't want or need to use both. The commit hook functionality will get some further fixes and improvements as well.

    Thanks, Vincent

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    Michael Fairchild

    Any update on when the github issues to BugHerd integration will be ready?  I already have quite a few issues in github, and collaborators already working there, and would like to ease them over to bugheard, if it works out.

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    Vincent Brendel

    Hi Michael, sorry we cannot yet provide an estimate on this. We are currently focused on core functionality, but in the coming months we will be reviewing integrations again. A 2-way GitHub issues integration is something we see the value of ourselves but we don't have the resources for it at the moment. Please follow our announcements forum, blog, newsletter and/or twitter account @BugHerd for future updates. Thanks and regards, Vincent

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    Leevi Graham

    Hi Vincent,

    Am I correct in saying that this integration doesn't seem to support access to private organisation repositories (even if I'm a team member)?

    Cheers Leevi

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    Vincent Brendel

    Hi Leevi, we do support organisations, so if you would please send problem detail to we'll look into it for you.

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    Joey Baker

    Hello. I'm currently investigating implementing bugherd, but the lack of two-way sync to github issues is show stopper for us. Having recently played with the Github API, I know that they (now) offer events

    Is there any chance you guys are looking at adding this feature?

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    Vincent Brendel

    Hi Joey, yes we are planning to add it, but it's not yet something we've started. Our API makes it possible to create a 2-way integration from and to GitHub as we also have web hooks. If this is of interest, please check the API documentation.

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    Paul Burdick

    Hey, guys.  For security reasons, I am unwilling to give out my GitHub password.  Thankfully, the GitHub API allows me to create an access token for applications with whatever restrictions I wish.  I think your documentation should be updated to reflect this, as it is a good security practice.

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    Where are you at with 2 way Github sync?

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    Chris Rowe

    I agree with @Paul. Also, I think this is required if you are using 2 factor authentication.

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    Subscribing to this.

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