Using BugHerd on static assets (images, PDFs, documents etc.)

Sometimes you need feedback on design assets or even a PDF - and ideally that feedback goes into your BugHerd project. The easiest way to do this is to use a hosting/cloud service like Box to host your assets, and then add them as a hostname to your BugHerd project:

1. Go to and signup for an account (they have a free option)
2. Upload your assets
3. Add Box to the hostnames of your BugHerd project:


4. Make sure you have the BugHerd extension installed and restart your browser
5. Go to your asset on Box and you'll see BugHerd!


Using the above instructions, you should be able to use BugHerd on images and get feedback on static assets.

Please note that while the above concept can be used with other similar hosting services, it currently won't work with Dropbox or Google Drive due to security constraints on those services.

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