Adding your company logo to BugHerd.

If you're a customer of our Premium plan or above, you have option to replace the BugHerd logo with your company logo.


How to add your company logo to BugHerd

To add your company logo to BugHerd click on "Settings" in the navigation menu. Please note, the account owner or users with "manager" privileges are able to access the account settings. For more information on user account privileges, see here.


What shaped logo can I use?

BugHerd supports logos of all shapes and sizes. When you upload your logo you will see a preview of how it looks in place. This will show you how it will appear when scaled to fit in the BugHerd interface.

Square logo example

Rectangle logo example


Where will my logo appear?

You will need to add 2 versions of your logo to BugHerd in order for your logo to be clearly visible on both the light and dark backgrounds used throughout the BugHerd interface. The following shows some examples of the logo placements in BugHerd.

Dark logo placements

Email headers:

New user onboarding screens:


Light logo placements

BugHerd navigation:

Sidebar toggle:

Sidebar header:

Please note, it is not possible to completely white-label BugHerd.

We hope that gives you all the info you need to update your logo in BugHerd. Of course, if you have any questions or need some help, get in touch with us on


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