Release Notes


14 February, 2019: @mentions in comments


We’ve got some BIG news… you can now @mention someone in BugHerd comments!

You know how this works, simply type @ in the comments box on a Task to mention someone.

You can mention anyone who has access to the project (including guests). When you @mention them they’ll immediately receive an email notification alerting them to the comment.





11 February, 2019: Updates to Invite emails


A new look for Invite emails.





30 January, 2019: New Task notifications & a few other new updates!


  • Immediate New Task notifications via email (manage this in your Notifications settings).
  • Increased character limit of Task descriptions and comments to 2000 characters.
  • Added colour coding to "Severity" drop-down list.



21 December, 2018: Simpler email notifications & a few other new updates!


  • Simpler email notifications
  • Project Update summary email
  • Mobile screenshots now support sites using Basic Authentication (Beta)
  • Improved settings & other minor improvements to the App UI


Simpler email notifications

We’ve reduced the volume & improved the readability of notification emails you receive from BugHerd. Put simply, you will now only be immediately notified on the following actions:

  • Task assigned to you
  • Comment on a task you reported
  • Comment on a task assigned to you
  • Comment on a task you have commented on
  • If you’re a Manager of a project, comments on un-assigned tasks

Here's an example of the new Task Update email. You can manage these emails in your Notifications settings.



Project activity summary

A brief summary of activity sent on a hourly, daily, or weekly frequency depending on your preference. Project Updates summarise…

  • New Tasks
  • New comments
  • Tasks moved to Done
  • Tasks Closed

Here's an example of the Project Update email. You can manage these emails in your Notifications settings.



[Beta] Screenshots support for Basic Authentication.

If you use Basic auth on your website, you can now add your credentials to your project to enable screenshots to work Note: screenshots via embed code only available on $100p/m plans and above.


We’d love some feedback on this as it’s quite difficult to test. If you use Bugherd on a site that’s behind Basic Auth, give it a try and let us know how you go.


Improved settings UI & other minor improvements to the App UI.

Finally, you may have noticed a few small tweaks to the BugHerd UI like a new font, etc. This is all part of a general freshen up the app’s UI and bring it in to 2019. These things take time with a product that’s been around for as long as BugHerd has so we’ll be chipping away at this piece by piece but stick with us, we think you’ll like where we end up. :)


... a long long time passes...

16 March 2016


  • Edit/Delete comments 
  • Move tasks between projects
  • Due dates
  • Fullscreen ticket view
  • Relaxed link parsing rules


  • Various performance improvements
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