When are task email notifications sent?


BugHerd sends email notifications out to project members and guests. Task updates will only be sent to current members and guests of your project. You can see who is a member or guest on the left hand panel.


Members are always notified of any change once they are assigned to a task. For a task that has no assignee, all project members that are also a manager on the account will be notified instead. This includes notifications for new tasks created in the project without an assignee set (such as by guests or the public).


Guests will remain involved in any task they reported. They are not concerned with 'internal' changes to assignees or tags, but however they will get notified if:

  • There is a new comment on a task
  • There is a new attachment on a task
  • A task has been closed/archived.

Public feedback

For tasks created by the public via the "send feedback" widget, no email notification is ever sent to the creator. If you need to contact them, please use the email address provided in the details pane.


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    Scott Borhauer

    Can we take people off the email notification. Some people just want to login to see what they have to do.  Need a turn off email notification per account

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    Vincent Brendel

    Hi Scott,

    The notification emails have a link to settings at the bottom. Each user can individually manage the frequency and optionally stop their notification emails. For those users who don't have a password yet, they can use the "reset password" facility. The link to the notification frequency settings is:

    http://www.bugherd.com/settings (requires login)

    Cheers, Vincent

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    Jeff Safire

    Yes, it would be nice to have a feature for the admin to be able to control this. However, a quick note to Scott: Assuming you are the admin, you should have the original logins for everyone. At least, this is the case for guest beta testers in my setup. So, I logged into each person's account and set all the settings the way I wanted them. Not sure if this works the same for a team but, worth a look.




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    Vincent Brendel

    Thanks Jeff, you would indeed be able to do so with guests since you have their link. This is not the case with team members, sorry.

    It's a common request to be able to manage other team member's notifications however we do believe this is a matter of personal preference. What we need to understand is the reasons why you really don't want your members to get emails so that we may improve the experience in the future. Do you have any feedback you'd like to pass on?

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