Create BugHerd bugs from email


BugHerd can collect bugs by sending emails to your project. This means you can collect bugs from any computer or other device as long as it can send email, even if you are not logged into BugHerd!

Obtaining your project's email address

Each BugHerd project has an email address associated with it, and when an email is received on it, a bug will be created.

BugHerd project emails are in the format: `` where KEY needs to be replaced by the project key of your project.
eg. ``

You can obtain this key by clicking the cog icon next to the project name (in the sidebar to the left), then select "install bugherd".

You will see this modal, the project key is in the 'Project Key' field.

eg. The project email for the above screenshots is:

Note that normal project permissions apply. Only email addresses of people who are members or guests on the project will be able to create bugs using this method.

You can enable 'public feedback' to allow emails from non users to create tasks.


Any attachments and images in the email are added to the bug as attachments. If there is a single image BugHerd will add it to the bug as the bug's screenshot instead if appropriate.


If you will be using email to capture bugs from your users, it's recommended to setup an alias such as which forwards to your project's email address. It will be easier to share and remember, and it's more trustworthy.

Logging bugs from iPhone or iPad

If you find a bug on your website while using your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Take a screenshot by simultaneously holding the power button and the home button.
  2. Go to the camera roll and find the image
  3. Select share and choose email
  4. In the TO field, enter your project's email address

Logging bugs from Android phones/tablets

If you find a bug on your website while using your Android phone or tablet:

  1. Take the screenshot, this is different per device, by convention it can be done by pressing the Power & Volume Down button simultaneously
  2. Find the screenshot you just took in your notifications
  3. Share the screenshot via email to the project's email address


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