Expression Engine

We are pleased to announce the latest content management system (CMS) integration for BugHerd. If your site is built using the Expression Engine CMS you can now also install BugHerd in minutes!

Installation Instructions

Download the latest version and unzip the archive. Inside will be a folder called bugherd. Just copy that folder into your system/expressionengine/third_party folder and then enable the Bugherd extension from your Expression Engine Control Panel.

You will need your BugHerd API key from the installation instructions.

Obtain the project key as follows:

  1. Log into and go to the project you wish to install on your site.
  2. Open install sidebar from the project settings menu
  3. Copy the key from the Project Key field



Once you have your BugHerd API key, paste it into the settings for the BugHerd extension.


After clicking Submit, congratulations, you now have BugHerd on your Expression Engine site!

If you need any support, please contact BugHerd at

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    Dan Grebb

    It would be great if the extension provided an option for where to place the javascript. Eg. head tag or at end of page.

    Also, the version you uploaded to Devot:EE still has //localhost:3000 set as the URL.


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    Steven Hambleton

    ExpressionEngine is one word!

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