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Mozilla have recently announced that, from September 22 2015, the Firefox browser will no longer support unsigned add-ons/extensions. 

For an extension to be "signed" by Mozilla, it needs to be uploaded and approved by an internal (mostly automated) process. Unfortunately, due to the nature of Bugherd and its implementation, it does not pass this process and is therefore unable to be signed.

Our extension fails the tests because of the way it loads the BugHerd widget into the site. Firefox considers extensions that insert widgets into pages as insecure.

As the extension can not be signed, Firefox will no longer be an officially supported browser.

In the upcoming new release of Bugherd this will be resolved by moving much of the core widget functionality into the browser extension itself. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the original Bugherd, we are unable to also do this in the current version.

Until such time that the Bugherd supports Firefox, we recommend people use the embedded javascript widget or continue to use the Chrome extension.

In addition to these changes, version 40 of Firefox (released on the 10th of August) introduced breaking changes to their add-on API which breaks the currently released version of our extension. Given that we are unable to support Firefox from version 41 (Sep 22) we have taken the difficult choice to deprecate the extension immediately.

We are extremely sorry to customers that rely on the Firefox extension to work with Bugherd. If this causes you significant problems, please contact us at support@bugherd.com

You can read more about extension signing here


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