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BugHerd's integration with JIRA allows you to send feedback you received on your BugHerd project from guests to JIRA. Note: your JIRA instance needs to be setup to accept new bugs/tickets via email.

Bugs sent to JIRA via BugHerd are sent from 'no-reply@bugherd.com'.

You'll need to either:
* add a user to JIRA with the email address 'no-reply@bugherd.com' so it allows the emails through
* Set the 'Default Reporter' fields on the mail handler to be a user you want BugHerd bugs created as.

See Atlassian's instructions on setting up email.

How it works

For each of your projects, specify a JIRA email target. After that's setup, you will have an extra option "send to JIRA" on feedback items that can be sent to JIRA (this requires a valid requester).

Sending a task to JIRA triggers an email from BugHerd to the JIRA email address you specified with the task details. The task will be moved to the Archived tab in BugHerd.


Note: to setup an integration on your account, you must have the manager permission.

  • Select the Integrations tab.
  • Find the JIRA integration and select add integration.
You can now assign email address(es) to your project(s).

Project setup

Upon creating the integration, you will be taken to the projects screen. This is where you can map your BugHerd projects to a JIRA project. You can come back to this screen any time from the integrations screen, by clicking projects on from the activated integration:


On the projects screen, pick a BugHerd project you own from the dropdown on the left, and enter the email address for this JIRA project on the right. Then to connect, click add:


Now if you have any tasks on your feedback tab with a valid requester email, you have an extra option "send to JIRA":


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